1. Arcade Fire released ‘Funeral’ 10 years ago today. See why it is one of the best albums of the 2000s.

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  2. Die Fukn Antwoord!!!! #DonkerMag

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  3. El campeón va de rojo y blanco on Flickr.

    El campeón va de rojo y blanco


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    Thanks for coming out to our party in Chicago featuring a headline performance from jeremiahjae

    Watch Jae’s new video for ‘The Heat’ and get updates on future events delivered to your inbox at bit.ly/the-heat-jj

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    Paco Marhuenda.

  10. adidasoriginals:

    For Club 75 co-founder La MJC’s Michael Dupouy, the Stan Smith was an easy choice. Click to read more.

    "The Stan Smith is the only pair of sneakers that can survive any style, tendencies or ages. I wear it since I was a kid. The pair has always been strongly anchored in the Parisian street culture. It has always been a style icon for everyone, from thugs and "reurtis" (OG Parisian will remember that word for sure), to dandies, bourgeois or tennis amateurs. This shoe is a symbol of a generation and an era. When the idea of making one was offered to us by adidas Originals I sat down with my partner in crime So-Me and we tried to respect the original design as much as possible with only a few retouches. It’s a real pleasure for us to see our name associated with one of our favorites of all times!" Club 75’s Michael Dupouy